Location(s):  All Over Korea

Food Category:  Breakfast

Price Range:  $

Seating:  Very Very Limited

Atmosphere:  Casual

Website: http://eggdrop.co.kr/

Gangnam Number: 02-566-1611


Quick Facts:

Egg Drop

The Egg Drop Price Range:

2,900won - 4,600won Per Item

The Egg Drop Story:

February 25, 2019

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People in this world just love eggs, yours truly included.  Eggs are so versatile and you can pair it with anything.  Today I went to a restaurant where the egg was the superstar... welcome to Egg Drop.  When I had heard about Egg Drop it instantly reminded me of the famous Los Angeles restaurant ran by Chef Alvin Cailan, Egg Slut.  There they make egg sandwiches and salads.  Egg Drop is a mixture of Egg Slut and Korea’s Issac Toast.  They make beautiful, simple, tasty, and cheap egg sandwiches.

Egg Drop has many locations all over Korea [http://eggdrop.co.kr/sub/sub03_01.php].  All their locations look similar, with their white, silver, and red color scheme on their logo.  Their style reminds me of a old school diner look.  I had visited their Gangnam/Yeoksam location.  Like all the other Egg Drop locations the building was very small and friendly.  They have an ordering kiosk where you can choose your food.

Behind the kiosk they had a small kitchen where the workers would cook your delicious food.  The aroma of eggs, meats, butter, and bread filled the small restaurant.

I have seen some Egg Drop locations not have any seating area but most offer a small area with very limited seating.  The Gangnam location had a table counter facing the outside window glass and couple of stools for people to eat.  One thing that brought a smile to my face was that they offered one of my favorite sauces ever... sriracha sauce.  They had it on the table counter so you could pour it on your sandwich.

Their menu was very simple with 5 egg sandwiches and 1 salad on their menu.  They also offer drinks and coffee.  After looking over the menu and asking the worker which menu was the most popular and what she recommended... I decided to order the Mr. Egg, Bacon Double Cheese, and Teriyaki BBQ

The Food Ordered At Egg Drop:

Mr. Egg

Price:  2,900won

Taste:  Mr. Egg is their most basic and cheapest sandwich.  It has scrambled eggs, fresh cream, parsley, and egg sauce.  It was sandwiched between two brioche buns.  This sandwich was solid breakfast egg sandwich.  The eggs were hot and fluffy and seasoned well.  The fresh cream and parsley gave it a cool taste.  This sandwich is simple but a good egg sandwich.     

Bacon Double Cheese

Price:  3,900won

Taste:  The Bacon Double Cheese has scrambled eggs, smoked bacon, cheddar cheese, parsley, and egg sauce.  This was also sandwiched between two brioche buns.  This sandwich was was an upgraded Mr. Egg sandwich.  The cheese really made the sandwich better and the pieces of bacon gave the sandwich a salty taste meaty upgrade.  If you are looking for a heartier sandwich or if you like cheese and bacon I would recommend this sandwich over the Mr. Egg.

Teriyaki BBQ

Price:  4,200won

Taste:  Inside the Teriyaki BBQ has BBQ pork, egg yolk, parsley, and teriyaki sauce.  Once again this was sandwiched between two brioche buns.  The Teriyaki BBQ was surprisingly really good.  They gave you a side of egg yolk so you can pop it on top of the sandwich.  This sandwich didn't taste like a breakfast sandwich, but more like a meaty bbq burger.  The teriyaki bbq was shaved thinly and had good flavor.

Bottom Line

Bottom line, this place is cheap and really good.  They cook your food to order and the food comes out hot and delicious.  I love breakfast sandwiches, and Egg Drop's sandwiches are solid.  They have many locations all over Korea, so find one closest to you.

The Rating At Egg Drop:

The Hours, Website, & Phone Number At Egg Drop:

  Gangnam/Yeoksam Branch:

SUNDAY: 8:30AM - 7PM

MONDAY: 7:30AM - 8PM

TUESDAY: 7:30AM - 8PM 



FRIDAY: 7:30AM - 8PM




Gangnam Phone Number: 02-566-1611

The Location & Directions To Egg Drop:

Gangnam Location: 52 Nonhyeon-ro 85-gil, Yeoksam-dong Gangnam-gu, Seoul

Find Closest Location @http://www.eggdrop.co.kr/sub/sub03_01.php


Go out Yeoksam Station Exit 3 and walk straight.  Make a left on your second opening and walk down for 2 minutes.  Egg Drop Yeoksam will be on your left.  


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