Location(s):  Sinchon

Food Category:  Brazilian BBQ 

Price Range:  $$$

Seating:  Plenty

Atmosphere:  Casual

Website: www.facebook.com/IpanemaGrillSeoul/

Number: 02-365-6118


Quick Facts:

Ipanema Grill

The Ipanema Grill Price Range:

28,900won - 35,700won Per Meal

The Ipanema Grill Story:

April 01, 2019

Brazilian BBQ or called Churrascaria in Portuguese is a delicious style of bbq.  Every style of BBQ has its uniqueness and deliciousness and Brazilian BBQ is no different.  Brazilian BBQ is grilled on a special barbecue or called Churrasqueira.  They cook the meat on huge skewers, which they season and grill to perfection.  Then they usually go around the restaurant holding these big skewers of meat and a knife to serve the meat table side.        

To get my Brazilian BBQ fix I had visited Sinchon’s Ipanema Grill.  Sinchon is located on the green subway line right next to Hongdae.  The prestigious Yonsei University is located in Sinchon, so you will see many college students hanging out in that area.  The streets are usually lively with many events and people on the weekends.  The area itself is a really fun place to hang out with many places to eat, play, and drink.  

I had visited Sinchon on drizzling Friday night.  While the weather was a little gloomy I was excited for the food that was to come. Ipanema Grill is located across the famous “Red Tube” or Uplex Hyundai Department Store in an alleyway on the second floor.

I had gone with a group of five at around 8:00pm and there was a lot of people eating there.  The restaurant decent size and they jam packed it with as much seating as they could inside.  Inside (obviously) they had a Brazilian theme going on.  They had multiple flags hung up, tropical themed birds, plants, and pictures of Brazil all around. 

Brazilian BBQ is synonymous with All You Can Eat BBQ.  At Impanema Grill they offered Lunch and Dinner & Weekend menus.  They serve All You Can Eat Churrasco or Steaks, or for people who are not as hungry they can ordered the limited amount of meat for a cheaper cost.  Each meal comes with side dishes that they refill and dessert.  

The Food Ordered At Ipanema Grill:


Dinner & Weekend Churrasco Course

Price:  33,800won 

Chicken & Sausage

Taste:  The chicken was surprisingly super juicy.  The meat was grilled and charred perfectly.  At all you can eat BBQ places I usually dismiss the cheap meats (in this case Sausage and Chicken) but both of these meats were so good.  The chicken was cooked and seasoned perfectly.  

The Portuguese Sausage was great.  Had a lot of flavor and a good snap from the casing.  There was a savory and salty taste.  The sausage was grilled nicely and kept wanting me to eat more of it.

Thin Skirt

Taste:  This meat was tender but it wasn't as seasoned as well as the other ones.  To me it was my least favorite cut, and it was underwhelming.  The meat however was juicy and cooked to a beautiful medium rare.    

Garlic Thick Skirt

Taste:  I love garlic and this meat was delicious.  The Garlic Thick Skirt was a big  chunk of meat rubbed with spices and a garlic purée.  The meat was soft and tender, the spices gave it saltiness, and the garlic gave it heat and a flavor of explosion.  This one was one of my favorite.

Top Sirloin

Taste:  The Top Sirloin or Picanha is the flagship meat of each Brazilian BBQ place.  This meat was rubbed with spices on all the sides of and cut into thin slices.  The meat was probably the most tender meat of all the meat cuts here.  It was delicious and solid. (Wasn’t the best Picanha I have eaten but it was good)

Tenderloin Steak

Taste:  When ordering the Churrasco Set you can get unlimited meat on all the other meats except for this Tenderloin Steak.  To be honest this steak was just ordinary.  It was cooked a little over than I wanted and it wasn't seasoned as well.  However, putting some of the salsa sauce that was given with the side dishes made the steak taste much better.

Side Dishes (Fried Rice Not Pictured)

Taste:  The side dishes were underwhelming.  Most Brazilian BBQ places have a buffet where you can go and bring what you want to accompany your meal.  However, this place they bring out all the sides on the table (which isn't that much) and they will refill it for you.  

Grilled Pineapple & Iguacu Coffe

Taste:  At the end of every Brazilian BBQ meal you end it with grilled pineapples.  The pineapples were good, warm, and sweet.  I wished there was more cinnamon rubbed on the pineapple, but it was still good.  I quit drinking coffee so I didn't get to try it, but my friends told me it was strong and tasted good.     

Bottom Line

Bottom line, this place wasn't the best Brazilian BBQ place but it was still decent.  For me the Garlic Thick Skirt and the Chicken meat were delicious.  

The Rating At Ipanema Grill:

The Hours, Website, & Phone Number At Ipanema Grill:

SUNDAY: 12:00PM - 10:00PM

MONDAY: 11:30AM - 10:30PM

TUESDAY: 11:30AM - 10:30PM

WEDNESDAY: 11:30AM - 10:30PM

THURSDAY: 11:30AM - 10:30PM

FRIDAY: 11:30AM - 10:30PM

SATURDAY: 11:30AM - 10:30PM



Phone Number: 02-365-6118

The Location & Directions To Ipanema Grill:

6 Yonsei-ro 4-gil, Changcheon-dong, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul


Go out Sinchon Station exit 3 and walk straight down.  When you see Uplex on your left side make a right into the alleyway before the Paris Baguette.  You will see Ipanema Grill on your right on the second floor.


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