Location(s):  Gangnam

Food Category:  Mexican

Price Range:  $

Seating:  Limited

Atmosphere:  Casual


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The Kim's Taco Price Range:


The Kim's Taco Story:

November 21,2018

***Re-opening...Updates Coming Soon

**Kim's Taco posted they will be closing their store on December 25th.  ㅠㅠ 

This week I will introduce a Mexican gem located inside Gangnam... Kim’s Taco.  I was told about Kim’s Taco from a friend who has visited them since they first opened.  She said she had a chance to talk to the workers, and raved about how nice they were.  Also, most importantly how legit the Mexican food is there.  Coming from LA, King Taco and El Taurino were staple Mexican food joints in my diet. What makes King Taco and El Taurino so amazing is of course is their food, but equally as important is their Red Sauce (Hot Salsa).  People from LA know that this Red Sauce has a huge, almost cult following.  When my friend told me Kim’s Tacos has a very similar Red Sauce, I knew I had to visit.

Kim’s Taco is located near Yeoksam Station behind Gangnam Finance Center building.  They are inside a Baemin Kitchen (배민 키친), which is a shared kitchen/restaurant spot that caters more for delivering food.  The shared kitchen idea is super cool... it’s where a bunch of new restaurants come and rent out a small space inside a building.  They borrow out a space of the building with other small restaurants which partners up with The Baemin Riders Company, which helps them deliver the food.

Kim’s Taco is the first restaurant located inside the Baemin Kitchen building.  You are welcomed with a small open kitchen and a menu board on top.  They have a small and cozy area for dining inside.  The whole shared space kitchen area is awesome.  You are surrounded with other restaurants inside the same building.  It has almost has a mall food court feel.  It’s like a symphony of cooking sounds and smell!

The menu has tacos, burritos, quesadillas, and burrito bowls.  (If you live close enough and can order Kim’s Tacos through Baemin Riders App, all their menu comes as a set [chips/beans and rice +drink] which makes the price more expensive).  After getting recommendations from my friend, I had already knew I was going to get a Beef Burrito and one of each tacos (pork, beef, and chicken). *Just a heads up... I had arrived there a little after 1:30 and they had a bunch of lunch to-go orders lined up... so I waited around 15minutes for my food.

The Food Ordered At Kim's Taco:

Pork Taco

Price:  2,500won

Taste:  The pork taco or the Al Pastor Taco was great. The pork meat was marinated nicely with spices and chilies. It has a nice tang and flame taste to it, which got balanced out with the onions and cilantro. (*If you do not like cilantro you can ask them to hold it)  Putting the Red Sauce on top of this taco was awesome.  The tortilla tasted good and just had a good balance with the taco.

Beef Taco

Price:  3,500won

Taste:  The “Beef Taco” or Carne Asada Taco was my favorite taco out of the three.  The asada I’ve had in Korea have all been lackluster and dried.  This asada had flavor and was kind of juicy.  It had a nice rich taste from the marinade and when mixed with the tasty tortilla, onions, cilantro, and some Red Sauce on top...it was divine.  3,500won a pop for a small taco can be hefty price, but the taste is there for me.  It legit reminded me of a street cart taco/truck from LA , just not as greasy.

Chicken Taco

Price:  2,500won

Taste:  The Chicken Taco was a lot better then how it looked.  Initially I thought the chicken looked dried.  Also, usually chicken tacos have the chicken slow cooking in marinade and juices for so long... the chicken is usually all shredded and darkened with color.  This chicken here looked like a big clump.  None the less I decided to give it a fair shake.  The taco was a OK chicken taco for me.  It wasn’t dry, but not super juicy either.  Out of the three it was my least favorite, but still a decent taco.

Beef Burrito

Price:  10,000won

Taste:  The Carne Asada Burrito has a good size to it and was very filling.  Inside the burrito consisted of tortilla, beans, Mexican rice, asada, sour cream, onions, and cilantro.  The burrito had a good heft to it.  Every bite I took I got a good mixture of all the ingredients inside blending together.  The burrito was a very solid burrito!

Bottom line

To me, the Red Sauce (Salsa Roja) is one of the greatest thing about Kim’s Taco.  It is a recreation of the King Taco’s and El Taurino’s famous Red Sauce.  The Red Sauce is SPICY, and if you can’t handle heat you might want to stick with the Green Sauce (Salsa Verde).  Also... While the burrito was very good, for me the TACOs were the STAR.  The tacos were NOT Tex-Mex or Mexican-Korean Fusion tacos, but good street/truck/stand tacos.

The Rating At Kim's Taco:

The Hours & Website At Kim's Taco:

Call For Hours & Questions


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Phone Number: 070-4916-2730

The Location & Directions To Kim's Taco:

738-17, Yeoksam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul


Walk out Yeoksam Station exit 2 and you will see Gangnam Finance Center (GFC).  Walk past GFC and make the first left.  Walk down (GFC should still be on your left side) and you will see a Taco Bell on your right.  After walking past Taco Bell make the first right turn into an alleyway.  Walk down that alley and it should turn left, walk a little bit more and Kim's Taco (Baemin Kitchen) will be on your right.


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