Location(s):  Gangnam

Food Category:  Fine Dining 

Price Range:  $$$$

Seating:  Plenty

Atmosphere:  Fine Dining

Website: http://kwonsooksoo.com

Number: 02-542-6268


Quick Facts:

Kwon Sook Soo

The Kwon Sook Soo Price Range:

77,000won - 190,000won Per Meal

The Kwon Sook Soo Story:

March 11, 2019

One of the highest, if not the highest reward a restaurant can get is a Michelin Star.  Only the elite and few even get a mention in their guide book.  To get a star your restaurant has to be extraordinary.  According to the a Michelin Guide Singapore seminar the restaurants are judged by; using quality products, mastery of flavor and cooking techniques, personality of the chef in the cuisine, value for money, and consistency of food.  Wiki says. “According to the Guide, one star signifies "a very good restaurant", two stars are "excellent cooking that is worth a detour", and three stars mean "exceptional cuisine that is worth a special journey".

Today I got to visit Kwon Sook Soo, a Korean restaurant that is 1 of 5 other Two Michelin Star restaurants in Korea.  (As of the 2018 guide there are a total of 29 Michelin Star restaurants. 19 one stars, 5 two stars, and 2 three stars).  Taken from the Michelin Guide website about Kwon Sook Soo, “Chef Kwon Woo-joong’s homage to tradition is evident in every facet of Kwonsooksoo, even in the name itself (‘sooksoo’ is an archaic term for ‘professional cook’).  Inspired by time-honored methods of cooking, Kwon digs deep into his own roots.  He tirelessly scours the country for the rare finds that best represent each of the seasons and transforms even the most mundane ingredients into something special.  What the diners get to experience is passion on a plate, coupled with a good dose of ingenuity.”

Kwon Sook Soo is a Korean fine dining restaurant that brings beauty and delicious taste to Korean cooking.  The restaurant is located inside one of the back alleyways in an affluent Apgujeong area.  The restaurant is located inside a simple but elegant building on the 4th floor.

After getting off the elevator to the entrance of the restaurant you see a beautiful old cabinet with korean pottery resting on it.  Next to it they display their Two Michelin Star plaques.  Upon entering the actual restaurant you see an open kitchen and after you walk past that you are in a modern dining area.  They have big glass windows that shows a pretty outside deck, wooden tables, black walls, metal decorations, and an glass wine refrigerator.

The dining area is chic.  At your seat you are sitting at a low table, but they have this wooden booster for your plates which give the table an elegant touch.  

They offer two menus for lunch and dinner.  Both are course menus and the menu changes by the freshness of ingredients and season.  They offered a Lunch Course (77,000won per person) and Lunch Tasting Course (100,000won per person).  For dinner they have Dinner Course (160,000won per person) and Chef Tasting Course (195,000won per person).  We ordered the Lunch Course and was super excited for what was about to come!  **Side Note** The Course was explained in Korean... and my Korean isn’t perfect so... bear with me.

The Food Ordered At Kwon Sook Soo:


Lunch Course

Price:  77,000won 

1st Course

Taste:  The first course was visually beautiful.  It came with a variety of Korean dishes.  It started off with a welcome alcohol drink.  The drink was very light tasted like sake.  Then they had a delicious pine soup, roasted seaweed with a special mayo sauce, kelp with rice, and fish jerky.  The hot foods was a delicious meat and vegetable dumpling and oyster jeon.  Everything was amazing from the start.  All the food was balanced, had different flavor profiles, and was light.  My favorite thing here was the kelp with rice.  The rice was cooked perfectly and the kelp gave it crunch and saltiness.

2nd Course

Taste:  The second this was a traditional Korean style pancake.  They garnished it with pine leaves on top.  It was super light and fluffy. Next to it was a vegetable purée.  Accompaniment the dish was house made soy sauce.   

3rd Course

Taste:  The 3rd course was my favorite course. It was Grilled Abalone with pickled green onions and seaweed salad and Crab Meat with Seaweed Porridge.  I was never a big abalone guy... but this ISH was fire.  The abalone I've ate in the past have been tough to chew.  This abalone was so soft and it was cooked so deliciously.  The porridge was also great.  It was light and had a seafood taste.  

4th Course

Taste:  The 4th dish was a beautiful white fish covered in Korean spices and topped off with shaved radish.  Not going to lie... this dish was whatever.  The fish wasn’t that tasty (I thought my fish was undercooked) and the Korean spices tasted like Kimchi Jjigae (김치찌개 Kimchi Stew).  I could find a better fish / Kimchi Jjigae dish in Korea. 

Palate Cleanser 

Taste:  Next was a cold strawberry sherbet to cleanse the palate before the main dish.  The sherbet was two thumbs up.

5th Course

Taste:  The main dish was oyster cooked with rice in a stone pot.  They seasoned the rice and served it with side dishes and soup.  The oysters were amazing with the rice.  I never had rice with that much flavor.  The side dishes and soup was just tasty and clean tasting!  Nothing was overly salty or overpowering the delicious oyster rice.

Dessert 1

Taste:  First dessert was a trio of mini delights.  The one on the left was a square caramel.  The one in the middle was white chocolate.  The one on the right was a matcha flavored cookie.  All of them were delicious and not overly sweet.

Dessert 2

Taste:  The last dessert was a special fall dessert where they incorporated fall flavors.  On the left side they had a donut with flavors of caramel, nutmeg, chocolate, and cinnamon.  On the right side was a right side they had a light sweet potato ice cream and below that the was a persimmon compote.  At the base of the desert they had corn flakes which gave it a nice crunch.  

Bottom Line

Bottom line, this meal was an experience.  I truthfully never had a Korean meal like this in my life.  If the 4th Course (fish dish) was better, this would have quite possibly been the best Korean meal I have ever had.  Everything was thought out so well.  The dishes were light and airy when it needed to be and packed a flavor of punch at other times.  It’s quite a steep price for Korean food, but it was an amazing experience.

The Rating At Kwon Sook Soo:

The Hours, Website, & Phone Number At Kwon Sook Soo:

SUNDAY: Closed

MONDAY: 12PM - 3PM, 6PM - 10:30PM

TUESDAY: 12PM - 3PM, 6PM - 10:30PM

WEDNESDAY: 12PM - 3PM, 6PM - 10:30PM

THURSDAY: 12PM - 3PM, 6PM - 10:30PM

FRIDAY: 12PM - 3PM, 6PM - 10:30PM

SATURDAY: 12PM - 3PM, 6PM - 10:30PM



Phone Number: 02-542-6268

The Location & Directions To Kwon Sook Soo:

Gangnam Location: 37 Apgujeong-ro 80-gil, Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul 


Go out Apgujeong Rodeo Station exit 4.  Walk down straight down until you see a Burger King on your left.  Make a left turn and walk down for about 4 minutes.  You will see a glass building on your right, and Kwon Sook Soo will be on the 4th floor.


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