Location(s):  Itaewon

Food Category:  Pizza

Price Range:  $

Seating:  Limited

Atmosphere:  Casual

Phone Number: 02-792-2420


Quick Facts:


The Maddux Pizza Price Range:

4,500won-6,700won Per Slice / 32,000won-49,000won Per Pie

The Maddux Pizza Story:

September 26, 2018

This week I decided to go to Maddux Pizza located in Itaewon.  I originally heard about Maddux Pizza through a friend who had picked up a box of pizza for his fiance.  He sent a picture of the pizza, and the slices were ginormous!  Also, the pizzas had toppings I have never seen in Korea.  Just the pictures itself made my mouth salivate and was enough convincing to make me go on the trek to Itaewon to grab a slice.  The whole ride there I was very excited to see for myself how delicious Maddux Pizza is.    

Maddux is located inside one of the many alleys of Itaewon on the 2nd floor.  They have a sign marked "Crispy Pizza" and "Large Slice" outside.  And boy did I hope those signs were right!  I went in at around 1:30pm on a Tuesday and the place was packed.  Inside seating there were couples, co-workers on lunch breaks, and friends meeting for a meal.  Because it was so packed, I had to take a seat on a side bar booth.  I didn't mind at all, as long as the pizza tasted as amazing as it looked...I would be a happy camper.       

When you walk into the counter to order, you are greeted with a large lit sign with their menu and prices.  Their slices ranges from 4,500WON - 6,700WON and pies from 32,000WON - 49,000WON.  The toppings sounded and looked amazing.  They have a display with all the pizzas, and after you order a slice they will heat the pizza.  That price might be a hefty amount from some, but remember their pizza slices are huge.  They had so many options, but I decided to get the Mac & Cheese with Bacon.  I am a sucker for Mac & Cheese and this baby was calling my name.

The Food Ordered At Maddux Pizza:

Mac & Cheese w/ Bacon Pizza

Price: 6,700won

Taste:  This New York style slice was so big that they had to layer two paper plates to fit it on.  The pizza was a plain cheese pizza with a generous portion of Mac & Cheese and Bacon bits sprinkled and piled on top.  For my first bite I removed the Mac & Cheese and Bacon to try JUST the pizza in its original Cheese Pizza form.  Let me tell you... the pizza was amazing.  The crust was crispy and thin.  The sauce was super flavorful.  After that first bite, I almost regretted not ordering a normal cheese pizza.  However right after that, I tried the Mac & Cheese with Bacon together with the pizza in its true form.  BAAAMMMM!  It was an explosion of flavor. 

Taste Continued: The Mac & Cheese was creamy and good.  Surprisingly it wasn't an overload of cheese.  The bacon gave it a crunch and savory taste.  I've been trying to cut down on calories recently and obviously this pizza is carbohydrate overload... BUT legit I didn't care.  This pizza made me happy.  I poured some hot sauce on top and I was on cloud 9.  The one drawback about this pizza is that since there is so much going on that in the middle of the pizza you can't taste their delicious pizza sauce.  They either put less of it or it just gets lost with the other flavors.  

Bottom line

Overall Maddux Pizza was Dos Thumbs up for me.  The sauce, the crust, the toppings were just amazing.  I mean... Mac & Cheese w/ Bacon on top of a super sized New York slice, with amazing cheese and pizza sauce?  Forget about it....  I am super excited to try all the other toppings.  I am definitely going back as soon as possible!

The Rating At Maddux Pizza:

The Hours, Website, & Phone Number At Maddux Pizza:








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Phone Number: 02-792-2420

The Location & Directions To Maddux Pizza:

129-9 Itaewon-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, South Korea


Walk out Itaewon Station exit 4.  U-Turn (walking towards exit 3) and make an immediate right, and walk down the street.  On the first street opening take another right turn into the alleyway.  Walk down the alleyway and on the first opening on your left, make a slight left turn.  Keep walking down until you see Maddux Pizza on your right on the 2nd floor.


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