Location(s):  Hongdae

Food Category:  Pizza

Price Range:  $

Seating:  Limited

Atmosphere:  Casual

Website:  www.monsterpizza.co.kr

Phone Number: 02-334-0322


Quick Facts:


The Monster Pizza Price Range:

4,000won Per Slice - 22,000won Per Pie

The Monster Pizza Story:

November 07, 2018

Today i'm going to introduce one of the most famous pizza spots in Seoul... the one and only Monster Pizza.  Monster Pizza is the home to what many of my friends say is the best pizza slice in Seoul.  Monster Pizza has been my go-to spot for a late night drunchies snack after a night out in Hongdae.  Their menu is simple, with only having 3 different toppings; Pepperoni, Cheese, and Spice Girls. 

They market themselves saying "It's BIG enough for tonight".  Their pizza style is New York style slice.  Their prices have rising slowly as they have been becoming more well-known, but for 4,000won a slice its not a bad deal.  Monster Pizza has an open patio style deck, with one table outside and their window like doors wide open.  When the weather gets colder they close up the windows.  The small shop has a cool vibe to it.  Sometimes they show movies on a projector on their walls!  

They are located near Hongdae Park, which is surrounded by clubs and bars.  Late night weekend there will be a line out of their small store filled with people wanting to fill their stomachs with pizza.  Also, seating is limited so you might have to stand outside eating a slice on the sidewalk or take it home.      

There is a good mix of Koreans and Foreigners inside Monster Pizza, and people who have been drinking and want food or just out for a slice of pizza.  It's a nice mixture of people being happy with grabbing a slice of pizza.

**For people who do not drink and do not want to be around people who have drank, they are opened for dinner starting at 5p.m. daily.  

The Food Ordered At Monster Pizza:

Cheese Pizza

Price:  4,000won

Taste:  The Cheese Pizza has a sweet and tangy sauce and mozzarella cheese on top.  The mozzarella doesn't give you a nice cheese pull, or is it necessarily amazing.  How ever the pizza is still good.  I personally do not like their crust (kind of bland and looks like a 5-head for a pizza crust), and I only eat it if I dip it in some type of sauce.

Pepperoni Pizza

Price:  4,000won

Taste:  One of my friends swears by Monster Pizza's pepperoni.  He says it is the best pepperoni in Korea.  The pepperonis shrivel when being baked and have a pool of pepperoni juice inside them.  The pepperoni has a nice spicy and saltiness to them.  The cheese pizza combined with the pepperoni is nice.

Spice Girls Pizza

Price:  4,000won

Taste: I am a fan of Monster Pizza's Spice Girls.  Their Spice Girls has bacon, jalapenos, and olives.  (sadly their toppings are not as packed and piled on compared to a couple years back, which is a total let-down.)  This pizza is super well rounded and hits your taste buds hard.  It has the saltiness from the bacon and cheese, spice from the jalapenos, and the sweetness from the sauce.

Bottom line

Monster Pizza has always been solid.  I used to have a theory that Monster Pizza was only so good because I was always tipsy when I ate it.  However that is not the case.  It is a simple slice of pizza that always does the job of filling you up and keeping you satisfied. ("That what she said")  While in my opinion it is not the best pizza in Korea, it is a really good slice of pizza that is tasty and affordable.  

The Rating At Monster Pizza:

The Hours, Website, & Phone Number At Monster Pizza:









Phone Number: 02-334-0322

The Location & Directions To Monster Pizza:

363-1 Seogyo-Dong Mapo-Gu, Seoul


Walk out of Sangu Station exit 1 and u-turn and follow the sidewalk walking towards Hongik University.  Then walk down straight for about 3-6 minutes.  Monster Pizza will be on your left.


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