Location(s):  Itaewon

Food Category:  Kebab

Price Range:  $

Seating:  Cozy

Atmosphere:  Casual

Website:  www.mrkebab.co.kr

Phone Number: 02-792-1997


Quick Facts:

Mr. Kebab

The Mr. Kebab Price Range:

5,900won - 15,000won Per Item

The Mr. Kebab Story:

February 11, 2019

I have seen Mr. Kebab since when I first visited Itaewon, but I have never actually got to try their food.  Because of how long Mr. Kebab has been around Itaewon, it is almost like a landmark there.  Taken from their website, “Mr.Kebab is the best place for delicious and fresh Chicken & Lamb Kebab & Turkish Ice Cream Dondurma.  Mr. Kebab's 이태원 1호 (Itaewon Location) open in 2009 of March.”   I was super excited today because I was finally going to try Mr. Kebab!  

Mr. Kebab is located near Itaewon Station exit 3, only having to walk straight.  The restaurant is cozy and has almost the same exactly store layout as Ankara Picnic, but the restaurant has a much bigger eating area.  Outside, they have a small patio with the famous Turkish Ice Cream... it is the fun one where they trick you into grabbing the ice cream cones but without the ice cream! [Link of Turkish Ice Cream]

Inside, you are greeted with two huge spinning chicken and lamb spits.  The smell is awesome and the visual might be even more beautiful.  They have a small walk way which leads you to the ordering counter and their menu.  The workers were tremendously nice. They can speak both in Korean and English, so they were willing to help you with any questions.

The back area housed a eating area.  It was cozy, but as long as they are not super busy you could easily go there with a buddy find a seat.  Also, if they were too packed and if weather permits... you could always order a kebab to-go and eat it outside.

The menu was packed with delicious foods.  They had many many different types of kebabs (wraps and baguette), pilaf plates, boxes, set menus, and desserts.  They also had a separate seafood and vegetarian menu.  After looking over the menu, as much as I wanted to try their different types of Kebab I decided I needed to try their Pilaf Kebab Chicken and Pilaf Kebab Lamb.  This way I could try their protein, rice, and sauces individually.  (Sadly... I didn’t think this 100 percent through, and won’t be able to rate their durum or "tortilla")

The Food Ordered At Mr. Kebab:

Pilaf Kebab Chicken & Pilaf Kebab Lamb

Price:  8,900won & 9,900won

Taste:  Both Pilaf dishes were very nice and filling.  The plate came with a bed of seasoned and flavorful white rice on the bottom.  Then on top of the rice they had the protein (chicken and lamb).  Last, they poured on some white sauce and red sauce.  On the side they had a small section of veggies consisting of lettuce, onions, tomatoes, and pickles.  They also (kind of random) gave you 4 French Fries.  Like I stated before... the rice’s flavor was great.  It had to have been cooked in some kind of stock to have that rich of a flavor.  The proteins were the star of the dish.  The chicken was delicious... it was tender and had a lot of flavor.  The lamb was quite nice also.  It had the gamey taste from the lamb meat, but the meat was really soft.  Personally... I like the chicken better... I thought it had more flavor and taste.

White Sauce: The white sauce was great.  Like any white sauce it was cool, creamy, and tasty.  The sauce elevated the rice and meat to another level.

Red Sauce: The red sauce wasn’t spicy at all.  The red sauce tasted like a mixture of hot sauce and ketchup, more tasting like the latter.  It was just ok.  When I eat hot sauce I expect the hot sauces to actually be... hot.

Bottom Line

Bottom line, Mr. Kebab was solid.  It wasn’t the best or tastiest kebab spot I have been too... but it was really really good.  The prices are fair and the portions were good.  Next time I visit I definitely need to try one of their kebabs.

The Rating At Mr. Kebab:

The Hours, Website, & Phone Number At Mr. Kebab:

  Itaewon Branch:

SUNDAY: Open 24 Hours

MONDAY: Open 24 Hours

TUESDAY: Open 24 Hours 

WEDNESDAY: Open 24 Hours

THURSDAY: Open 24 Hours

FRIDAY: Open 24 Hours

SATURDAY: Open 24 Hours



Phone Number: 02-792-1997

The Location & Directions To Mr. Kebab:

Itaewon Location: 192 Itaewon-ro, Itaewon 1(il)-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul

2 Locations in Korea.  Find the closest one to you at: www.mrkebab.co.kr


Walk out Itaewon Station exit 3.  Walk straight for about 2 minutes and Mr. Kebab will be on your right side.  


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