Location(s):  Itaewon

Food Category:  Chicken

Price Range:  $$

Seating:  Limited 

Atmosphere:  Casual

Website: https://www.nekkidwings.com/

Number: 070-4078-7411


Quick Facts:

Nekkid Wings

The Nekkid Wings Price Range:

12,000won - 60,000won Per Meal

The Nekkid Wings Story:

April 15, 2019

Chicken Wings are so simple, but hard to perfect.  To make the perfect Chicken Wings you season and fry the wings and drumettes. After you sauce them up, with your favorite sauces.  It seems easy... however only places that have mastered all the techniques truly end up with an amazing product.  I had heard that in Itaewon there was a place that serves legit Chicken Wings and went to go try.

Today I got to visit the popular Nekkid Wings.  Nekkid Wings is located in the backstreets of Itaewon in a small alleyway.  I had visited there with a group of 5 friends on a Friday night and this place was packed.  The store itself doesn’t have that much available seating so we ended up waiting over 30 minutes.

They have a booth outside their restaurant where you put in your name and leave your phone number and your party size, and they will call you when your table is ready.  However since we were all tired from work... instead of walking around and waiting for the phone call... we ended up grabbing a beer and talking outside.  (Not pictured, but they have a outdoor waiting area)

Inside the decor was cool.  They had their lights dimmed down, with lights only on top of the dining tables and kitchen.  They had cool LED signs, posters of sauces and beers, and an open kitchen. 

Their menu had a lot of different size options and sauces.  The one thing that caught our eyes was the Party Platter.  It came with 40 wings (8 sauce flavors) and your choice of 4 out of the 5 sides.  We decided to order that and try an array of different sauce flavors.

The Food Ordered At Nekkid Wings:



Price: 60,000won 

Honey Butter & Amazinger Xtra

Taste:  All the chickens were crispy and juicy, and each chicken was evenly covered with sauce.

Honey Butter:  If you guys have tried the Honey Butter Chip... it tasted exactly like that but chicken.  It was good overly sweet.

Amazinger Xtra:  The Amazing Xtra was sweet in the beginning and then the spicy heat comes later.  It was a good blend between the two flavors.

Classic Buffalo & Parmesan Garlic

Classic Buffalo:  The chicken had a very good and even coating of the sauce.  It was a very traditional buffalo sauce, being spicy and buttery.

Parmesan Garlic:  This sauce was super cheesy and garlicky.  I personally really liked the taste. 

Lemon Pepper, Smokehouse, & Korean Glaze

Lemon Pepper:  This sauce was just OK for me.  It tasted like it’s name... salty and lemony.  It was very plain and not my favorite.

Smokehouse:  BBQ taste but a little sweeter.  It was tangy and delicious.

Korean Glaze:  This flavor was nothing like I expected it to be.  It tasted like 쌈장 (Korean BBQ spicy paste) flavor plus a little sweet.  Not my favorite, but def. the most unique.  

Shoe String Fries, Waffle Fries, Potato Chips, & Onion Croquette 

Shoe String Fries:  The fries were normal good fries.  Nicely complimented the wings.

Waffle Fries:  I love waffle fries and these fries were solid.

Potato Chips:  Salted crispy chips.  Enough said.

Onion Croquette:  This onion ring was super oniony and just one big onion ring.  They had small chopped onion inside and you had to use a fork and knife to eat it.  Wasn’t the best...

Bottom Line

Bottom line, Nekkid wings are solid, good, and juicy.  They had a lot of sauces to chooses from and the atmosphere was cool.  The wings might be a tad more expensive than at other places, but the flavor for the wings here are good.   

The Rating At Nekkid Wings:

The Hours, Website, & Phone Number At Nekkid Wings:

SUNDAY: 11:30AM - 10:50PM

MONDAY: 4:30PM - 10:50PM

TUESDAY: 4:30PM - 10:50PM

WEDNESDAY: 4:30PM - 10:50PM

THURSDAY: 4:30PM - 10:50PM

FRIDAY: 11:30AM - 10:50PM

SATURDAY: 11:30AM - 10:50PM



Phone Number: 070-4078-7411

The Location & Directions To Nekkid Wings:

34-8 Itaewon 1(il)-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul


**Nekkid Wings could be confusing to get to (Will try to tell you the easiest way [not the fastest]).  Walk out Itaewon Station exit 4.  Go down straight for about 5-6 minutes and make a left before passing a McDonalds.  At the fork, make a right.  At around this area there should be signs outside that leads you to Nekkid Wings.  It will be in the right side alleyway.    


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