Location(s):  Gangnam & Itaewon

Food Category:  Sushi 

Price Range:  $$

Seating:  Normal

Atmosphere:  Casual

Website:  http://www.noritable.com

Phone Number: 02-554-4427


Quick Facts:

Nori Table

The Nori Table Price Range:

6,000won-22,000won Per Dish

The Nori Table Story:

December 19, 2018

"California Style Sushi Rolls".  That is all I had to hear for me to want to go and try Nori Table.  Korea has been blessed with having delicious marine life all around them.  Korea shares the East Sea with Japan, and historically the Japanese have always had the best fishes.  Korea has created many traditional fish dishes, and have borrowed some from other cultures.  The Korean style sashimi (회) [according to Wiki], was learned and adopted from the Chinese in the beginning of the Three Kingdom Period (57BC-668AD).  Since then Koreans have been producing delicious raw fish dishes. 

As delicious as Korean style sashimi is or Japanese nigiri sushi, being American I sometimes just crave a delicious sushi roll covered in tasty sauces.  Nori Table is a restaurant that has these types of sushi rolls that are now popular all around the world!  They are able to mix the delicious fish available in Korea, with American style sushi (A win-win).  Nori Table serves appetizers, nigiri sushi, bento boxes, and noodles... but their specialty is their sushi roll.

Nori Table started off in Itaewon and now has opened their second branch in Gangnam.  The Nori Table in Gangnam is located inside a building call Arc Place near Yeoksam Station.  Inside Arc Place they have a section called Urban Courts which houses many delicious restaurants.  The restaurant is an open style restaurant.  There are no closed walls separating the other restaurants inside the building, they are just sectioned off.  Nori Table had a pretty good amount of tables, that squared around the middle where the kitchen was located.

I had visited Nori Table with my parents to grab dinner.  Everything on the menu sounded awesome, but of course we were there for the sushi rolls.  After looking over the menu we decided to go order a bunch of hand rolls, sushi rolls, and an Udon.  We went with 3 Tuna hand rolls, 3 Hamachi hand rolls, 3 Scallop hand rolls [all the hand rolls were spicy], Yeonup Roll, Basca Roll, and a Tempura Udon.

The Food Ordered At Nori Table:

Tuna Hand Roll [Spicy] (3 piece price)

Price: 9,000won

Taste:  The Tuna Hand Roll’s ingredients are tuna mixed with spicy sauce, cucumber, scallions, rice, and nori.  The tuna itself tasted great.  The tuna was cut very finely, and then chopped over to give it an almost mashed down look and texture.  Personally I love spicy food, and thought it didn’t have any kick... but my mom said it was a little spicy.  I liked the cucumber slices inside the roll, it gave a nice crunch texture and cleanliness to the taste.


*The nori and rice was a little disappointing.  (This is going to be an ongoing theme and my only gripe about this place). This restaurant is called Nori Table, but I honestly thought their nori was just ok.  At their price point I’m not expecting the best quality items, but I wasn’t impressed with the taste of the nori.  Also, for any sushi spot the rice is almost as important as the fish.  For my favorite sushi spots the rice has to be seasoned, a correct temperature, and the amount is important.  For the hand rolls the rice wasn’t that tasty. 

**For the sushi rolls, it wasn’t noticeable since there was so much sauce and other delicious things going on. 

Hamachi Hand Roll [Spicy] (3 piece price)

Price:  10,000won

Taste:  Inside the Hamachi Hand Roll contained; hamachi, cucumber, scallions, rice, nori, and spicy sauce.  The hamachi fish tasted really good, it tasted fresh and had a strong flavor.  The fish texture was soft and pleasant to chew.  The spicy sauce mixed with it gave it more flavor. (The spicy sauce tasted like Sriracha sauce and mayo mixed, but I could be wrong).

Scallop Hand Roll [Spicy] (3 piece price) 

Price:  12,000won

Taste:  The ingredients inside the hand roll was; one big scallop, cucumber, scallions, rice, nori, and spicy sauce on top.  This hand roll was my personal favorite out of the three.  The scallop was pretty big, and it tasted really sweet, nice, and rich taste.  They also seemed fresh.  There was a slight seared mark on the scallop which gave a slight warmed to it, when eating it.

Yeonup Roll

Price:  13,000won

Taste:  The Yeonup Roll is a; California Roll (rice, nori, crab, avocado, and cucumber) with a shrimp tempura added inside the California Roll, with raw Salmon places on top, and a lemon zest and ponzu sauce poured on top.  This is the type of rolls I missed in Korea, and it was just Great!  The California Roll with the shrimp tempura added had all the textures.  Crunch from the shrimp tempura, richness from the avocado, great taste from the crab, and freshness from the cucumber.  The raw salmon on top with the lemon zest and ponzu sauce was delicious.  The sauce really elevated the roll, and I was really happy with it. 

Basca Roll

Price:  14,000won

Taste:  The Basca Roll had a lot of things going on.  The base is a avocado and cucumber maki.  On top of the maki is a layer of baked scallops mixed with a layer of good gooeyness that tasted like mayo, cheese and sriracha (I could be wrong).  Then they scattered on black tobiko and scallions at the end.  This is a true fusion roll, that did not come from Japan.  Mayo and cheese with sushi might sound disgusting, but the taste actually works well.  You get the super strong rich tastes, mixed with savory, and fresh. 

Tempura Udon

Price:  10,000won

Taste:  The Tempura Udon had Udon topped with half an egg, enoki mushroom, kamaboko, and two fried shrimp.  Honestly the Udon tasted like just normal Udon.  Nothing super special about it.

Bottom line

Overall Nori Table was really good.  My only problem was about the nori and rice for the hand rolls (which I ranted about).  But if you are there for the sushi rolls, this place taste great.  It’s hard finding just a sushi roll place in Seoul (although a few have been popping up in the past couple of years), and finding a spot that taste good is harder.  If you are looking for just an California style sushi roll spot I would totally recommend it.  If you are going for the hand rolls and nigiri, you might need to lower your expectations.

The Rating At Nori Table:

The Hours, Website, & Phone Number At Nori Table:

SUNDAY: 11:00AM - 10:00PM

MONDAY: 11:00AM - 10:00PM

TUESDAY: 11:00AM - 10:00PM

WEDNESDAY: 11:00AM - 10:00PM

THURSDAY: 11:00AM - 10:00PM

FRIDAY: 11:00AM - 10:00PM

SATURDAY: 11:00AM - 10:00PM



Gangnam Phone Number: 02-554-4427

Itaewon Phone Number: 02-792-4427

The Location & Directions To Nori Table:

Gangnam: 142 Teheran-ro, Yeoksam 1(il)-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

Itaewon: 455-47 Itaewon 2(i)-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul


Walk out Yeoksam Station exit 3.  Walk down for one minute and you should immediately see a big glass building called Arc Place (Urban's Court) on your left.  There will be a door entrance for Urban's Court, go inside and you will see Nori Table in-front of you when you enter. 


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