Location(s):  Itaewon

Food Category:  Pizza

Price Range:  $

Seating:  Medium

Atmosphere:  Casual

Phone Number: 02-797-8290


Quick Facts:


The Pizza Revolution Price Range:

4,500won-5,500won Per Slice / 31,500won-38,500won Per Pie

The Pizza Revolution Story:

September 19, 2018

Pizza Revolution is a spot that I have always knew was there but never had the opportunity to visit.  Whenever I was in Itaewon I would just pass by it, but today I decided was the day I would go in and try their pizza.  None of my friends have tried Pizza Revolution, so I came in with no bias or expectations.  I came in hungry and was super stoked to try Pizza Revolution!  

Pizza Revolution is on the corner across the street of one of the busiest bars in Itaewon (Thursday Party).  When you enter their shop you are greeted with their order counter and a cozy eating area.  There is a pretty good number of seating inside.  I went in on a weekday lunch and there was only one other person inside.  

They have 4 different types of pizza (Smoke Cheese, Caprese, Pepperoni, and Hot Chicken) ranging from 4,500won - 5,500won a slice.  They also sell by the pie ranging from 31,500won - 38,500won.  Since I didn't know anything about this place other than having walked past it many times I decided to keep it simple and order the Smoke Cheese. 

The Food Ordered At Pizza Revolution:

Smoke Cheese

Price: 4,500won

Taste:  When the pizza came it just did not look appetizing.  The cheese color looked weird, like it had been over cooked then just left out for awhile.  There was nothing about it that made me salivate and lust for it.  I tried to ignore this fact, and took a bite.  Surprisingly the dough was supper fluffy and the crust on the bottom was a little crispy.  Also, the sauce was pretty good.

Taste Continued: However, that is about all the good things I could say about it.  There was not enough sauce on the pizza and just like the pizza looked the cheese was not good.  The whole thing was just "EHHHHHH".  Honestly, not going to lie... this pizza was not memorable at all.  It tasted like a reheated 'Yesterday Pizza' that I had just paid 4,500WON for.   ㅠㅠ

Bottom line

OVERALL, this place in MY OPNION was not good.  For me, this place will continue to be just a spot that I keep passing by if i'm at Itaewon.

The Rating At Pizza Revolution:

The Hours, Website, & Phone Number At Pizza Revolution:

Call For Hours & Questions

Couldn't Find Website

Phone Number: 02-797-8290

The Location & Directions To Pizza Revolution:

47 Usadan-ro, Itaewon-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, South Korea


Walk out Itaewon Station exit 3 and walk straight.  Then you will make a right on the first street opening, and Pizza Revolution will be on the right.


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