Location(s):  All Over Korea

Food Category:  Burgers

Price Range:  $$

Seating:  Plenty

Atmosphere:  Casual

Website:  https://www.shakeshack.com/locations/#international


Quick Facts:


The Shake Shack Price Range:

6,900won - 12,900won Per Burger

The Shake Shack Story :

October 10, 2018

Shake Shack has now expanded all over the US and the world, but when I was growing up Shake Shack was exclusively only in New York.  Being from Los Angeles, I always wanted to try Shake Shack.  My freshmen year in college my parents moved to New York, and finally I got to visit the famous Shake Shack that summer.  I remember taking my first bite of this wonderful smash burger and I was so impressed.  The beef was fresh and their sauce and veggies combined was divine.

Fast forward I moved to Korea and this week I was super excited to compare and see if Korea’s Shake Shack was just as good.  I went to the Cheongdam location and it was just gorgeous.  Their name stood out in white, on top of a glass panel building.  The interior was just as pretty as the exterior as you can see!  Plenty of seating, LED panel walls, and even a retro video game in the back.

The kitchen smelled so good.  They had a huge open kitchen, with a lot of workers.  I went on a weekday during lunch time and the food came out pretty quickly, for food that is cooked to order.  I've heard other locations can be a little slow at times.    

Inside they had a huge wall that has their menu.  Immediately I realized that the burgers here was more expensive then in the US.  However, the founder of Shake Shack has always preached quality... so I knew even if I was shelling out more then I normally do for a fast food burger it would be worth it.  I decided to go "simple & light" today and ordered a Shack Burger, a Spicy Chick’n Stack (limited time), Chick’n Stack, and fries.

The Food Ordered At Shake Shack:

Shack Burger

Price: 6,900won

Taste: The Shack Burger was so good.  It is a quality beef burger on a potato roll.  The bread is amazing, and the beef was just as fresh as I remembered it.  The sauce was tasty and the lettuce and tomato just meshed so well together.  For a single burger 6,900won can be pricey, but you can taste the quality.  My dad says this burger is his favorite burger in Korea.

Spicy Chick’n Stack

Price:  9,900won

Taste:  The Spicy Chick’n Stack surprised me.  The protein was a pretty big sized boneless breaded chicken.  It was topped with slaw and pickles.  The slaw and pickles worked well with the salty and juicy fried chicken.  The chicken had a slight heat kick to it, which made it delicious.  They said it was only available for a limited time which is a bummer.

Chick’n Stack

Price:  6,900won

Taste:  The Chick’n Stack was another solid sandwich.  Like the Spicy Chick’n Stack, it had a big boneless breaded chicken patty between a delicious potato roll.  On the bottom layer of the bun there was lettuce, sauce, and pickles.  I personally love fried chicken sandwiches, and just like the Spicy Chick’n Stack I thought this sandwich was great.  

Crinkle Cut Fries

Price:  3,900won

Taste:  Their famous crinkled cut fries were also so good.  It came out steaming hot.  They were seasoned well and fried golden brown.  In the picture it almost looks burnt and you can't see the salt, but the taste excellent.  Crunchy exterior with a soft pillow like interior.    

Bottom line

The Korea experience at Shake Shack was just as good as I remembered the New York one.  The only draw back it how expensive it is for a fast food burger.  However, if you remember how fresh their ingredients are, their burgers are cooked to order, and think of it as a sit down restaurant...the price gets more manageable (12,900won per burger or less).  Bottom line the burgers are delicious!

The Rating At Shake Shack:

The Hours, Website, & Phone Number At Shake Shack:

Hours vary from locations. 

Please call or look up their hours on their website.


The Location & Directions To Shake Shack:

This is for the Cheongdam Location:

SGF Cheongdam Tower #1, Dosandaero 327, Gangnam-Gu, Seoul


Go Apgujeong Rodeo Station exit 5.  Walk down until you meet a big busy street and a Kookmin Bank and make a right.  Walk straight and before the CGV you should see the Cheongdam Shake Shack on your right side.


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