Location(s):  Gangnam & Itaewon

Food Category:  Kebab

Price Range:  $

Seating:  Plenty

Atmosphere:  Casual

Website: www.thehalalguys.co.kr/

Gangnam Number: 02-595-1800

Itaewon Number: 02-794-8308


Quick Facts:

The Halal Guys

The Halal Guys Price Range:

9,900won - 13,900won Per Item

The Halal Guys Story:

February 18, 2019

53rd and 6th Avenue in New York City is where the famous Halal Guys cart started in 1990.  Now, The Halal Guys have been an iconic food joint in NYC for years.  I remember my freshmen year (my family had moved to New York when I was in college) I had visited NYC.  I had ask my my sister to take me to the food hot spots, and she told me I had to try the chicken and rice with extra white sauce from The Halal Guys.  I had no idea what she was talking about... but I followed her.  When we got to the cart I just saw a line that belonged in Disneyland.  I didn’t understand why people would wait this long for street food... however, when we finally got the food I understood the hype of The Halal Guys.

Since then The Halal Guys has blown up and has expanded world wide.  The Halal Guys opened up two locations in Korea (Itaewon and Gangnam), and today I went to visit their Gangnam location.  The Gangnam location is located near what I like to call the “Gangnam strip”.  This is where all the shopping, eating, and drinking locations are in Gangnam.  They are located on the 1st floor of a pretty glass building.  Their yellow and red logo and color scheme was pretty easy to spot.

When you enter you are greeted with their ordering counter.  They have a big menu board on top.  Behind they had stations where they kept the food, and a cooking area.  The counters were clean and orderly.  After ordering the main dish you want you just follow the worker down the line, and watch them prepare your delicious meal. 

Behind the the ordering counter you see a big dining area.  Of course in true Halal Guys fashion you see the colors yellow and red everywhere.  They had tables all around and one big family style long table in the middle.  I had visited on a Monday at around 5pm (early dinner) and there was surprising people already eating.

The Halal Guys in Korea offers two main dishes, sandwich (11,900won) and platters.  The platters come in three different sizes, Small (9,900won), Regular (11,900won), and New York (13,900won).  After choosing your main dish you can pick your protein; chicken, gyro (beef), combo (chicken and gyro), or falafel.  On top or on the side, depending on what you order, they give you lettuce tomatoes and their famous white and red sauce.  I had decided to order a Chicken Sandwich and a Small Combo Plate.

The Food Ordered At The Halal Guys:

Regular Chicken Sandwich

Price:  11,900won

Taste:  The chicken sandwich was a lot bigger than I thought it would be.  Most places the kebab is cheaper than the plates, but because this gyro sandwich cost a whopping 11,900won I was skeptical of ordering it at first.  First, let me talk about the bread, durum, pita, or "the wrap".  The wrap was thick and it held all the other ingredients inside nicely without leaking or losing its shape.  Inside the wrap it had the lettuce, tomatoes, and on top they put a large portion of chicken. (They really gave me a lot of meat).  The chicken was super flavorful and cooked nicely.  The chicken was stored inside a heated container, and I was scared that it would be over cooked... but it wasn’t at all.  On top they poured on their white sauce and drizzled a little of their hot sauce.

Small Combo Platter

Price:  9,900won

Taste:  The combo plate was simple and delicious.  On the bottom they had a bed of flavored rice.  The next layer was the protein, where they they gave you half chicken and half gyro beef.  On the side of the protein they gave you a small section of lettuce and tomatoes, and once again they poured on the white sauce and drizzled the red sauce on top.  The gyro beef wasn’t bad but it wasn’t the best.  Some of the beef tasted like it was over cooked and tough... but it still had good flavor.  When eating the bowl you get the rice, protein, and sauces all mixed and it is just a taste of bliss.  Once in awhile you also get the crunch and freshness from the lettuce and tomatoes which adds to an already great combo.

White Sauce:  The Halal Guy’s white sauce is probably the most famous white sauce in the world.  The taste is cool, a little sour, and super creamy.  It goes well with their super hot red sauce and elevates their dish.  People go crazy over The Halal Guy’s white sauce, and I have to admit it does taste really good.

Red Sauce:  The Halal Guy’s red sauce is my favorite hot sauce that I have tried from any Turkish/Middle Eastern restaurants so far.  It has a super heat coming from it, but also taste delicious.  If you can’t handle hot food, only ask for a little (one line).

Bottom Line

Bottom line, The Halal Guys is solid and delicious.  I believe that they are the one of reason why Middle Eastern food started to gain so much popularity in America and now other parts of the world.  

The Rating At The Halal Guys:

The Hours, Website, & Phone Number At The Halal Guys:

  Gangnam Branch:










Gangnam Phone Number: 02-595-1800

Itaewon Phone Number: 02-794-8308

The Location & Directions To The Halal Guys:

Gangnam Location: 8 Gangnam-daero 69-gil, Seocho 4(sa)-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul

Itaewon Location: 187 Itaewon-ro Yongsan-gu


Walk out Gangnam station exit 10.  Walk straight down for about 5 minutes.  On the 3rd big opening on your left side between the buildings go in and you will see The Halal Guys on your right side.  


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